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Employee Recruitment & Development

Competition for Talent

Attracting and retaining superior employee prospects — particularly engineers and skilled trades people — is an ongoing challenge for all industrial companies, particularly in Western Canada.

While we monitor trends in hiring and compensation practices in the marketplace overall, we also measure our company’s performance in key areas such as job offer acceptance and turnover rates. We also elicit feedback from employees (through engagement surveys) and departing employees (through exit interviews) to identify areas for improvement.

Aboriginal Recruitment

The fastest growing segment of the Saskatchewan workforce, Aboriginal communities represent a key labor pool for the company. Read more about our Aboriginal outreach here.

Leadership Development

With many employees nearing retirement age and expansions continuing to create new supervisory opportunities, leadership development has become an increasingly important component of our overall business strategy.

Employee-led teams at each of our plant sites work with Human Resources to initiate training and to implement the Leadership Core Competencies (277 KB) that form the foundation of our leadership development process. The company also provides scholarships, internships and co-op opportunities — along with ongoing training and career development support — to fill skill gaps in the company and to attract the talent most likely to develop into future leaders.

Last Reviewed: Mar 1, 2016