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Community Engagement


We strive to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the communities where we operate. By building trust and goodwill, we are more likely to receive support for our development plans, are better able to attract talent for our operations and can invest more confidently in the company’s future.

To better understand and increase our positive impact on communities, we strive to:

  • Generate economic activity, with emphasis on local spending
  • Participate in community advisory panels and local meetings
  • Engage in public affairs activities and public policy debates
  • Administer surveys to help us understand perceptions of our company
  • Educate communities on subjects ranging from fertilizer use to environmental impact and safety
  • Provide scholarships to eligible children of employees at all locations
  • Publish newsletters and sustainability brochures for local distribution
  • Support causes through corporate grants, Matching Gifts and in-kind donations

By engaging with communities and enhancing their quality of life, we cultivate ongoing support and stability in the places where we operate.

Details of our community performance can be found in the GRI Performance section of our Online Integrated Report.

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Last Reviewed: Nov 2, 2016