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Environmental Stewardship

PotashCorp is committed to protecting our environment and minimizing our footprint. Guided by our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Committee and by the elements outlined in our core values and SHE Manual, our environmental strategy focuses on environmental leadership, serious environmental incident prevention, pre-job hazard assessments and focused work pausing.

We invest our time and capital in technology, research, stewardship initiatives and management systems that help us:

  • Meet federal, state/provincial and local regulatory requirements
  • Use natural resources and energy efficiently
  • Minimize waste, air emissions, water discharges and unwanted byproducts
  • Increase recycling
  • Preserve habitats and promote natural biodiversity in areas affected by our operations

To ensure we are minimizing our environmental impact, we continue to identify and implement best practices at all our sites and our focus is increasingly on preventing serious incidents.

Details of our environmental performance can be found in the GRI Content Index.

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Last Reviewed: Mar 22, 2017