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FEB 1 2008

Former Dallas Cowboy Teaches Kids about Crop Nutrients

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DD Lewis

Fourteen-year NFL veteran DD Lewis is back on the educational circuit, this time as "head coach" of PotashCorp's brand new, football-themed fertilizer education program called, Coaching Kids on Crop Nutrients. Now available for booking, Lewis will travel throughout North America to educate grade-school and junior high students about the importance of, and facts behind, crop nutrients.

This first-of-its-kind 45-minute presentation uses a unique blend of football analogies, a comic book style lesson guide, animations and an interactive quiz challenge modeled after a popular television game show.

"Given today's fast-paced, instant-gratification world, a typical 'talking head' lecture just wasn't going to cut it," said Tom Pasztor Senior Director, Corporate and Government Relations. "So we set out to create a fertilizer education program that was engaging, unique and, most importantly, fun."

For each presentation, Lewis appears in football coach attire, complete with clipboard, whistle, polo shirt and baseball cap. However, instead of an NFL logo, he dons the "Team NPK" logo ? the fictional team created for the program. As head coach of Team NPK, Lewis leads students through a series of educational drills on crop nutrients and soil science.

"Given DD's experience speaking to students and his star-power as a former NFL player, he was the obvious choice as head coach for our new program," said Corporate Relations' Diane Kooistra, a coordinator on the project.

The program covers important agricultural topics such as the origins of fertilizers, the role they play in feeding a growing world, and the challenges of feeding tomorrow's population on a shrinking land base.

To keep the attention of students during "practice," the presentation relies on a series of animations featuring Coach Mini, a miniature, animated caricature of the real-life DD Lewis.

"I didn't know what to think when they told me a 'mini-me' was being created," DD said. "But when I saw it, I knew we had a winner and something that was sure to keep the attention of the students."

Upon completion of "practice," the students will compete against a group of videotaped adults in a 10-question battle-of-wits game show to determine who knows more about crop nutrients.

To request more information or to schedule a presentation in your community, click here or call Diane Kooistra at 847-849-4219.

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