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JAN 16 2017

PotashCorp and Saskatchewan People Step Up for Food Banks

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – PotashCorp and people across the province have successfully teamed up again to support Saskatchewan food banks, raising more than $2 million over the holiday season.

PotashCorp matched the first $500,000 donated to the campaign and when combined with $1,640,000 from generous community members, the final total reached $2,140,000.

This year’s fund-raising drive focused on bringing in contributions during December, helping to ensure food banks were well-stocked and ready to serve their clients during the busy festive season.

“Food banks do important work year-round, helping make sure people have access to the healthy food they need. But we know there is always additional demand for the holidays,” said PotashCorp President and CEO Jochen Tilk. “We were happy to see that our matching gift inspired so many individuals and organizations to make a contribution during a busy month.”

Money from the matching gift campaign helped provide food hampers through the holiday season and will support the year-round efforts of food banks to meet the growing need for assistance.

Since 2010, the holiday matching gift campaigns have raised nearly $17.5 million, with PotashCorp contributing $6.5 million.

“Here in Saskatoon, we were certainly feeling concerned as we headed into our major fund-raising season because we know times are tough for a lot of people,” said Laurie O’Connor, Executive Director of the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre. “We were so grateful to see thousands of supporters come through in a big way for people who are struggling through difficult times.”

“Thank you PotashCorp for your leadership and commitment in ensuring food security for all Saskatchewan citizens,” said Steve Compton, Executive Director of the Food Banks of Saskatchewan. “These funds will allow Saskatchewan food banks to meet the challenges of hunger and food insecurity not only during the holidays but in the months ahead.”

In 2016, the number of people using food banks in Saskatchewan increased 17.5 percent, climbing from 26,727 individuals served in March 2015 to 31,395 a year later. The percentage of users who are children was 45.6 percent, the highest total in the country.

As the world’s largest crop nutrient company, PotashCorp plays an integral role in global food production. The company produces the three essential nutrients required to help farmers grow healthier, more abundant crops. With global population rising and diets improving in developing countries, crop nutrients such as potash, phosphates and nitrogen offer a responsible and practical solution to help produce the food we need, from the land we have.

For further information please contact:

PotashCorp Food Banks of Saskatchewan
Rhonda Speiss
Manager, Community Investment
Phone: (306) 933-8544
Email: community.investment@potashcorp.com

Steve Compton
Executive Director, Food Banks of Saskatchewan
Phone: (306) 351-1392
Email: stevec@reginafoodbank.ca

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