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AUG 15 2013

Explore PotashCorp - A New Tool for Learning More About PotashCorp and Our Potash Facilities

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Did you ever wonder what it’s like 1,000 meters below the surface? Were you ever curious how potash goes from ore to plant-ready nutrients? Or, did you consider what it would be like to work at one of PotashCorp’s potash operations?

Now you can, without going too far! 

PotashCorp has developed a series of videos that let you explore more about who we are, how potash is produced and meet some of the people behind the scenes at our facilities.

This online resource is an easy way for our stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of our company and its role in global food production. Through high-quality video footage and animation, users now have the opportunity to discover our overall potash production process – from underground to surface.  And, we provide viewers with the chance to meet some of our people. These short video interviews are for individuals that are interested in understanding more about our business, or even those that want to find out what it’s like to work for a company which plays an important role in producing essential fertilizer for farmers around the world.

View video  http://minetour.potashcorp.com/

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