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JAN 8 2013

Overview of PotashCorp & Its Industry – Now Available

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Overview of PotashCorp and Its Industry

At PotashCorp, we understand that our stakeholders want timely, relevant and transparent communication to help them make informed decisions when it comes to aspects about our company.  

This goal was a primary factor behind our efforts to revise the look and functionality of our Overview site – making it easier for people interested in our company and industry to quickly find the information they need in a way that works best for them.

Available exclusively online, our newly designed site features interactive functionality including market and crop tools, as well as a ‘FilterTool’ search function to help users quickly drill down to the information that they are after.

The site will be updated regularly, to ensure those using it as an everyday resource to better understand our company and industry have access to our most up-to-date information as well as in-depth research into timely topics.

PotashCorp encourages you to explore our new Overview site to discover more about our business and our place in the global food story. The site is now available for use on mobile devices, so you can access it on the go!

Learn more at www.potashcorp.com/overview.

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