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What is MyPOT?

MyPOT is a free, web-based service integrated into potashcorp.com that works hand-in-hand with the DataTool — a powerful compendium of information about PotashCorp. The DataTool allows you to generate customized reports and to export or otherwise share them. MyPOT allows you to save your customized reports so that you can easily run them again at a later time.

How to use MyPOT?

  • Create a MyPOT for yourself by completing the Registration below. You’ll need to provide an email address and choose a password.
  • Then login into MyPOT by either selecting the login button below or when prompted within the DataTool.
  • When you generate a report in the DataTool you can save it to your MyPOT by selecting the MyPOT button located at the bottom right.
  • Access all your saved MyPOT data anytime you return to potashcorp.com.
Last Reviewed: Mar 22, 2013