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Which Colors Should I Use?

The PotashCorp logo is composed of 3 colors: black, medium green (Pantone 348) and light green
(Pantone 368).

In all cases, the colors of the logo should stand out sharply against its background. If the following solutions are not effective and you feel that the logo should be a different color, please email Public Relations.


 Pantone (Spot)CMYK (Print)RGB (Screen)Hex (Web)
PMS-348 PMS 348 C 100% / Y 79% / K 27.5% R 0 / G 133 / B 72 #008457
PMS-368 PMS 368 C 65% / Y 100% R 105 / G 190 / B 40 #60BB46
Black Black K 100% R 30 / G 30 / B 30 #000000

One-Color logo

If the logo is to be produced in one color, any solid color is acceptable, but white, black or Pantone 348 are preferred.

One Color

Two-Color logo

When only two colors are available, reproduce the symbol and type in one color only, preferably black.

Two Color

Reverse logo

It is permissible to reverse the logo on a colored background, providing the background is a suitable color to provide sufficient contrast. The white version of the logo is the most preferable on a dark background.


Full-Color logo

To produce a full color logo using process color or for on-screen display, use the given color breakdowns.

Full Color


Please review our Media Center Terms of Use before downloading a logo.

Last Reviewed: Oct 27, 2015