Ensuring Effective Oversight of Strategy and Risk

One of the key responsibilities of the Board is overseeing the successful execution of strategy and management of risk. In 2016, significant strides were made in advancing the company’s defined strategy.

Launching Merger of Equals with Agrium

As part of their continuing mandate to strengthen the company and enhance value for shareholders, the Board and senior management assess strategic opportunities on an ongoing basis.

In early 2016, the Board, with input from management and external advisors, reviewed the strategic rationale of a business combination with Agrium, reaching consensus that work on a potential transaction should continue.

In September, holding a shared view that the combination would unlock significant shareholder value, the Board unanimously approved the transaction. In November, PotashCorp shareholders overwhelmingly approved the proposed Merger of Equals with Agrium, with more than 99 percent of shares voted at the meeting voting in favor of the transaction.

Advancing Our Innovation Platform

During the year, an internal review was conducted to identify opportunities to drive a more standardized approach to innovation across the organization. As part of this process, the Board and management aligned their understanding of the potential role of innovation, established key focus areas and defined a path and timeline to improve capabilities.

Enhancing Our Employee Compensation Program

Following an extensive review, the human resources and compensation committee of the Board – together with input from its independent compensation consultant and management – implemented a number of compensation program changes in 2016. These were designed to create an incentive compensation program that is more competitive, engaging, cost-effective and aligned with the company’s corporate strategy. In addition, a new performance management system was adopted to better facilitate and track progress against corporate and individual objectives.

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