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PotashCorp numbers at a glance

#1 in global capacity
2013 Net Sales — $2.7B
2013 Gross Margin — $1.6B, 57 percent of PotashCorp total
2013 Sales Volume by Region
2013 Sales Volume by Customer Type
1Non-IFRS Financial Measures and Reconciliations

Where it comes from

PotashCorp mines potash from underground deposits left behind by ancient evaporated seas. The world's largest deposits are in Saskatchewan.


  • As fertilizer — improves root strength and disease resistance; assists water retention; enhances taste, color and texture of food
  • As feed — aids animal growth and milk production
  • Used in industrial products (food products, soaps, water softeners, de-icers and drilling muds)

Competitive strengths

  • Can substantially raise capacity at a significant discount to and in less time than comparable greenfield capacity
  • Lower-cost, flexible production with small percentage of fixed costs when operating at close to capacity
  • Per-tonne fixed costs decrease as sales volumes increase
  • Existing operations have significant reserves and are located in a geopolitically stable region
  • Offshore investments add global reach and profitability
  • Substantial barriers to entry: economically mineable deposits are rare, capital costs are high and lead times are long
  • No known substitutes for potash
GoalKey StrategiesRisksMitigation
Financial Health

Improve capability to respond to growth opportunities by ensuring appropriate operating flexibility

Enhance earnings potential and global competitive position by improving efficiency and costs

Inability to execute on expansions or restart previously idled operational capability

Insufficient global demand or new supply creates market imbalance

Ensure resources are in place for execution of capital plans and idled operations are maintained to minimize restart efforts

Match our supply to market demand to conserve the long-term value of our resource

Optimize capacity at our lowest -cost operations

Supplier of Choice

Enhance transportation and distribution capability and efficiency to serve customers

No A, B level risk*

Community Engagement

Contribute to local economic growth through employment, purchasing and taxes

Invest in community organizations and projects that bring sustainable value

No A, B level risk*

Engaged Employees

Provide opportunities for development and advancement

No A, B level risk*

No Harm to People or Environment

Utilize industry and company best practices to improve safety and environmental performance

Exposures inherent to industrial sites, underground mines and construction projects mean that unsafe actions or conditions can result in serious injury

Use advanced techniques to help predict problematic mining situations

Enhance safety awareness and systems at all sites

* As per risk ranking matrix
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