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The PotashCorp Service Window is a free service that allows customers to:

  • View shipment and order position history
  • Trace car and rail shipments
  • Display shipping documents
  • Search invoices
  • Check account status and agreements
  • Organize personal reports
  • and more

To use the Service Window, you must establish a Service Window account with your Customer Service Representative.

Launch PotashCorp Service Window

Getting started

  • When you establish an account, your Customer Service Representative (CSR) will assign you a unique User ID and a temporary password for your Service Window account. Please change your password as soon as possible by clicking New Password from the Action menu on the Log-in page.
  • Enter your User ID and password on the Log-in page, then select Log-in from the Action menu.
  • If your log-in is successful, a Welcome page will appear that includes your name, address, and primary contacts with PotashCorp.
  • If you have any problems logging in, please contact your CSR.

Getting Help

  • Detailed information about how to use the Service Window is available by clicking the Help link at the top of each Service Window page. This launches the Help Module in a new browser window. 
  • The Help Module displays information related to the page from which you clicked the Help link. To view the rest of the Help Module content, click the Contents link at the top of the window. Index, Search, and Glossary functions are also available.
  • If you can’t find the answers you need in the Help Module, contact your CSR.

Problems Logging In

You may experience problems logging in if:

  • Your Password is invalid — Make sure you entered the correct password. Contact your CSR if you have forgotten your password.
  • Your User ID is invalid — Make sure you entered the correct User ID. Contact your CSR if you have forgotten your User ID.
  • Your account has been deactivated — Your User ID is deactivated if:
    • You have not logged into your account for 60 days, or
    • You have unsuccessfully attempted to log-in five consecutive times.
    Contact your CSR to have your account reactivated.
  • You are not a valid user — Contact your CSR to make sure your profile is active.


The PotashCorp Service Window is generally available 24/7, except the third Thursday each month, when our systems shutdown for backups between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. CST. If we have to shut down the Service Window for any other reason, we will notify you by email.

Technical Information

Minimum browser requirements

  • Firefox version 1.0 (best with 2.0 and higher)
  • Netscape Navigator 4.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher (best with 5.0 and higher).

Minimum System requirements

800 X 600 pixel display (best with 1024 x 768 or higher)


The Service Window uses Javascript 1.1. It will not operate properly if Javascript is disabled by your firewall or browser. Please contact your IT department if you get a Javascript error.

Microsoft Excel

The Microsoft Excel downloads available via the Service Window are dynamically generated using an Excel plug-in on your browser. Please contact your IT department if you experience problems downloading the Excel files.

Adobe Acrobat PDF

Product Data and Material Safety Data sheets are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, which requires an Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader plug-in


Cookies must be enabled for the Service Window to work properly. Problems with cookies usually display an “Access Denied — user profile not defined” error message. Please contact your IT specialist if this problem occurs.

Secure Socket Layer

All information from the website is encrypted for your safety. Your firewall must allow port 433 to be used in order for the website to work. Please consult your IT specialist for further information.

Session Timeouts

The Service Window session terminates after 90 minutes of inactivity. Simply log back in to start a new session.


If you have any technical questions about access to our website, please email the Webmaster.

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