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Business Model

As we pursue long-term value for our stakeholders, we look for ways to enhance the resources and relationships that contribute to our competitive strengths, we monitor conditions that might affect our performance and we ensure that our choices align with our core values.


  • Our ability to create and sustain value on a long-term basis requires us to manage and enhance our competitive strengths.

    • Leading potash position
    • High-quality, long-lived potash reserves
    • Focused positions in phosphate and nitrogen
    • Financial strength
    • Experienced management team and workforce
    • Strong supply chain and customer relationships
  • Everything we do as a company — from how we interact with stakeholders to how we operate — stems from our Core Values.

    • Operate with integrity
    • Emphasize safety and care for the environment
    • Listen to all stakeholders
    • Strive for continuing improvement
    • Share what we learn
    • Be accessible, accountable and transparent
  • The environment in which we operate is continually changing. To protect and build value, we need to monitor and respond to external factors that have the potential to impact our business.

    • Global economy
    • Agricultural markets
    • Supply/demand fundamentals
    • Laws and regulations
    • Workforce demographics
    • Tax environment and government policies
  • Our success depends on mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders. We need to ensure we understand their needs and concerns.

    • Customers
    • Investors
    • Communities
    • Employees
    • Suppliers
    • Business partners
    • Governments