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Goals & Targets

Progress Toward Our Goal

1 Partnering with the Aboriginal community

We are building mutually beneficial relationships with the Aboriginal community, Saskatchewan’s fastest growing demographic.

Significant efforts were made in 2011 to help build a diverse workforce in the province that can meet our growing needs. We signed a Memorandum of Understanding, rooted in common values of respect, communication and education, with the Saskatoon Tribal Council to increase opportunities for First Nations workers and suppliers. All Saskatchewan employees and every Board member attended Aboriginal awareness training.

2 Developing tomorrow’s leaders

We expect to add almost 800 positions in potash and need to replace approximately 300 retiring employees in the next three years.

Leadership training is a primary focus as we work to prepare employees to lead at all levels of the company. All our sites have adopted leadership core competencies with their management teams and many have incorporated them into their selection criteria and performance evaluations.

3 Enhancing recruitment outreach

In 2011, PotashCorp took part in “Stake a Claim in Saskatchewan,” a partnership between the province’s post-secondary institutions and mining companies to attract senior engineers, business people and trades people back to Saskatchewan. We continued to participate in career fairs and student events across Canada and the US.

As well as career profiles of full-time employees, our website now carries items about long-service employees and recent summer students who describe their PotashCorp experience. We are making greater use of social media to announce employment opportunities and events, and we have significantly enhanced our scholarships, which target communities where we operate, programs whose graduates we hire, women in trades and Aboriginal students.