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Goals & Targets

Why Our Performance Matters

Strong financial performance enables us to generate superior returns for our shareholders, which makes it possible for us to access capital to help grow our business. Further, it affords us the ability to maintain employment and create new jobs, to support our communities, to contribute taxes to local economies and to invest in the people and resources that will serve the long-term needs of our customers.

Our Strategic Approach

  • Devise and execute strategies that prioritize future earnings growth and reduce volatility across all business segments
  • Strategically use capital to build competitive advantages, especially in potash
  • Develop and implement governance practices that minimize risk, maximize management performance and ensure we operate with integrity and transparency
˜75%: Expenditures on our CDN $7.7 billion potash expansion program completed
4 x: Increase in dividend since beginning of 2011
$6.3 billion: Shares repurchased since 1999