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Supplier Portal

Our Portal is an online self-service and collaboration tool that allows Registered Suppliers to access information, submit requests, and transact with PotashCorp. We are in the initial stages of using this tool and only a few limited suppliers have access. We will be updating this page with further information as soon as we are ready to register additional suppliers.

If you have a supplier portal account, LOG-IN HERE.

Below you will find a list of user guides and job aides that provide step by step instructions on using the Supplier Portal.

Topic Description Download
iSupplier Navigation Guides a supplier through the basic navigation and tasks of the portal. This includes logging into the portal, changing the password, managing favorites, responding to notifications, and quickly accessing different parts of the portal. PDF (964 KB)
iSupplier Profile Management Guides a supplier to add, create or update organization information (your company information), address details (your company’s address and locations), contact information (user contacts), business classifications, products and services, and banking details. PDF (659 KB)
Acknowledge Purchase Order (PO) Guides a supplier to search for purchase orders that need to be acknowledged, to accept or reject the purchase order, and to provide notes to the buyer. PDF (350 KB)
PDF (394 KB)
Purchase Order Change Requests Guides a supplier to search for an approved purchase order and to request a change. PDF (353 KB)
Submit a PO Cancellation Request Guides a supplier to search and submit a request to cancel a purchase order (entire order or order lines). PDF (470 KB)
Self Expediting Purchase Orders Guides how to identify Purchase Orders shipments that are overdue or those that are coming due in the following week. Suppliers are able to see the full list and submit any change requests for multiple shipments one at a time or in mass for approval. PDF (893 KB)
Print PDF version of the PO Guides a supplier to search and print a purchase order PDF. PDF (406 KB)
View Purchase Orders Guides a supplier to search for a purchase order, review the purchase order, review the purchase order history, and request information. PDF (713 KB)
Create an Invoice or Credit Memo with a PO Guides a supplier to create an invoice or a credit memo against a Purchase Order. This includes searching a Purchase Order and submitting the invoice or credit memo. PDF (483 KB)
Create an Invoice without a PO Guides a supplier to create an invoice that doesn’t need a Purchase Order. This will include entering details, reviewing the invoice information, and submitting the invoice. PDF (359 KB)
View Invoices Guides a supplier to search and view invoices. PDF (266 KB)
Review Payments Guides a supplier to search and review payments. PDF (313 KB)
Manage Shipments Guides a supplier to find delivery schedules, overdue shipments, and receipts. PDF (393 KB)

If you have any questions about Supplier Portal, please contact your local Procurement contact.

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