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Why Become a PotashCorp Supplier?

Our suppliers play a vital role in helping us to achieve operational excellence and to create value for the company and its stakeholders.

We strive to build strong partnerships with exceptional local, regional and global suppliers whose priorities align with our own.

We do this by offering procurement opportunities that:

  • Encourage mutual benefit;
  • Encourage collaboration, and accountability;
  • Support supplier growth and development;
  • Promote best practice standards for procurement;
  • Ensure Safety, Health, and Environmental excellence;
  • Deliver superior value and performance.

Learn more about our approach to procurement – and how you can become involved – in this section, and in the links below.

Our Expectations

PotashCorp seeks safe, reliable, and innovative suppliers that can help us to drive value across our operations, to help us reduce costs and increase efficiency, to enhance our reputation, and to amplify our Core Values.

PotashCorp expects its suppliers to:

  • Understand our company’s strategic priorities;
  • Comply with all company Procurement principles, policies, and procedures, and with the company’s Code of Conduct;
  • Understand the company’s Supplier Selection Criteria;
  • Support the company’s culture of continuous improvement;
  • Fulfill all contractual requirements;
  • Comply with all relevant applicable laws, standards and regulations;
  • Abide by the highest standards of business integrity.
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Last Reviewed: Mar 18, 2016