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Who we are

PotashCorp is the world’s largest fertilizer company by capacity, producing potash (K), nitrogen (N) and phosphate (P). These primary crop nutrients are vital to maintaining healthy and productive soils.

Our Canadian potash operations – the primary focus and namesake of our company – represent more than one-fifth of global capacity. To enhance our global footprint, we also have investments in four potash-related businesses in South America, the Middle East and Asia.

With operations and business interests in seven countries, PotashCorp is an international enterprise and a key player in helping to feed the world.

What we produce

Our potash, phosphate and nitrogen products help provide the primary nutrients that crops need. They are also used to make livestock feeds and industrial goods.

Produced from mineral deposits (potash and phosphate) and from the air we breathe (nitrogen), our main products are:

  • potash, in standard and granular grades
  • DAP (diammonium phosphate), MAP (monoammonium phosphate) and phosphoric acid
  • Ammonia and urea
Why fertilizer?

With world population rising, arable land per person diminishing and demand increasing for higher quality diets that include more fruits and vegetables and protein from crop-fed livestock, the need to maximize the efficiency of farmland has never been greater.

Every crop harvested removes nutrients from the soil, which must be replaced to keep soil healthy and productive. Responsible for more than 40 percent of the world’s total crop yield, fertilizers feed plants, which help to feed animals and people.

Where we serve

Our products serve customers throughout the global marketplace — from China, the world’s most populous nation and largest fertilizer consumer, to India, with its 1.2 billion people. From Latin America — an agricultural superpower — to the rice and oil palm producing fields of Other Asian countries and the breadbasket markets of North America.

Together these five regions account for nearly three-quarters of the world’s population and roughly 80 percent of the total fertilizer consumption.

Delivering when we're needed

As the world’s food challenges become more pressing, we’re taking an active role in meeting them, investing heavily in our assets to deliver quality product when and where our customers need it.

We are adding to our current potash capacity without building a new mine – an advantage as demand is expected to rise. And through our partnerships and investments, we strive to better serve customers in emerging markets.

How we do business

We hold ourselves to the highest business standards and consider factors beyond financial performance when evaluating our success.

Guided by our Core Values, we cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with our communities, customers, employees, investors and other people critical to our success. Acting with a long-term view, we make decisions that consider people and the planet, always looking for opportunities to improve.

Last Reviewed: Feb 24, 2017