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Facilities & Investments

Israel Chemicals Limited Facility Photo

Our long-term capital investments provide strong financial and strategic benefit as we seek to be the lowest cost delivered supplier into all key global markets.

We look for opportunities to prudently add to these and other potash-related investments as they arise.

Israel Chemicals Limited (ICL)

ICL is the world’s sixth-largest potash producer with about 6 million tonnes of annual capacity and produces approximately a third of the world's bromine. It is the leading provider of pure phosphoric acid and is a major manufacturer of specialty fertilizers, specialty phosphates and flame retardants.

ICL has exclusive concessions to extract minerals from Israel’s side of the Dead Sea. It also owns rights to mine phosphate in the Negev Desert.

PotashCorp owns 14 percent of ICL and holds no board seats. Israel Corporation is ICL’s majority owner with 46 percent. A 40 percent public float trades on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol ICL.

See how and when we acquired our ownership interest in these companies here.

Last Reviewed: Feb 24, 2017