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Facilities & Investments

Arab Potash Company Photo

Our long-term capital investments provide financial and strategic benefit as we seek to be the lowest cost delivered supplier into all key global markets.

We look for opportunities to prudently add to these and other potash-related investments as they arise.

Arab Potash Company (APC)

A mineral marketing and manufacturing company headquartered in Amman, Jordan, APC’s primary business is harvesting potash from the Dead Sea for its 2.35-million-tonnes of annual production capacity. PotashCorp owns 28 percent of this key supplier to China, India and other Asian countries.

PotashCorp appoints three of APC’s 12 board seats as well as the following senior management positions: President & CEO; Vice President, Finance & Support Services; Vice President, Operations; and Vice President, Marketing & Sales.

Other major shareholders of APC include the Government of Jordan (27 percent), Arab Mining Company (20 percent), several small Middle Eastern governments and a public float that trades on the Amman Stock Exchange (symbol APOT).

See how and when we acquired our ownership interest in these companies here.

Last Reviewed: Feb 24, 2017